Simply Sweet Jewelry

I grew up in a very creative and open-minded household, and come from a line of of mostly self-employed people, often in the field of design, and engineering. So growing up I felt the tug to be independent, and strongly wanted to pursue a creative direction. But no matter what I tried, I didn't have a strong inclination of what "craft" I wanted to make mine, or where my talents where. Thanks to my education in the Waldorf school, I was exposed to an enormous variety of crafts, including sewing, metal work, woodwork, many varieties of drawing and painting, but nothing clicked.
After I moved to the USA (Raleigh NC) for 8 years I worked for a local custom jewelry designer who grew her business from a small hobby on her kitchen counter to a thriving business selling to hundreds of stores and catalogs around the country. I learned everything in this job from basic custom jewelry construction and design, to running a small business, growing wholesale accounts, traveling to trade shows, and everything in between. When I left this job I dove into my own venture without any plan whatsoever. I designed and created things I loved, and signed up for as many local shows as I could get my hands on. I built my own website, set up an Etsy shop, and went wherever the current took me. This was in 2004.
I now find myself in my own studio with tons of natural light, with a thriving and growing little business, a steady stream of both retail and wholesale orders, and a part of a huge local creative scene that inspires me every single day. I continue to design and create things that make me happy, and it seems to be what I am supposed to be doing. I. Love. My. Job.

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